We are through yet another mass sterilization of animals

On June 16, 2011 a pair of great vets, Julia Babkina and Anna Varava, were visiting us once again. 43 animals were sterilized/gelt in a single day! Can you imagine the amount of unnecessary, unclaimed posterity that will not be born?! Serilization will tell on your pet's health as well — in females it reduces the risk of developing cancer in genitals and mammary glands, as well as the risk of developing prostate and testicle cancer in males. Those are extremely bad diseases which can potentially lead to your mature pet's death. The next massive sterilization is scheduled in July. Anyone can sign in his or her pet or a picked-up animal. Sterilization can be performed in any veterinary clinics in town.

To find out more and sign in — call 8-902-272-06-95, 8-950-649-44-62.

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