Pervouralsk Animal Welfare Community

Cat with injured paw found

A small cat with a severe paw injury was found on Yemlin street. She is just a little thing now, a touching creature and the sweetest of all. Little is known about what happened to the pussy-cat on the street... Now we have a rear paw with a large plot of stripped-off skin. For now Murliska is staying with our Nastya. The pussy-cat needs help with "Argosulfane" ointment, "Panthenol" spray and kitten food.

Call 8-902-272-06-95, 8-909-014-63-78.

Photo report of the «I'm looking for you, master!» action

The action took place. As a result, 12 cats found home, one puppy found the masters. As much as 13000 roubles was collected. The money will cover the rent of the building serving as our temporary haven and the purchase of another portion of veterinary medicals (at the present moment almost all of the stock of medical supplies is depleted).

Saturday, 11 a.m. The action has just started. We are awaiting the masters


Dogs form the Animal Rights Community — Chara, Alpha and Rocky (left to right)

Bond and Black — two brothers who need to stay together and requiring a special...

Attention! Montly charity action «I'm looking for you, master»

On Saturday 06.25.11 the Pervouralsk Animal Rights Community will hold an action «I'm looking for you, master» at the entrance to the town's clothing market. We invite all those wishing to come by a fluffy friend — a little cat or dog. All the animals have been antiparasitically treated, vaccinated and sterilized. Your passport will be required. The action will be held from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. The Community is asking the citizens to support the Shelter's charges with food, medical supplies and money. We are also inviting volunteers, wishing to help in the forthcoming construction of the...

Kittens near trash containers

Yesterday's morning started off a sad call once again — at some trash containers there were 2 boxes: kittens in one of them, puppies in the other. Living «kids» were once again dumped as unnecessary junk. How, oh tell us how can one change this outrageous situation? How do some dare allow the birth of unwanted posterity, do nothing at the starting point and just throw away already grown-up and LIVING animals? We are tired of being responsible of the irresponsibility of other people. The temporary homes are overly full while the animals just keep coming. This is sad, very sad. And those...

A lost little dog near the college

Attention! A few days ago a little but already an adult dog was found near the college. The hair is a bit curly, dirty-white or dirty-creamy in color. The dog is panically afraid of people.

If you have any information about the ex-owners of this little cutie, please call the Animal Rights Community 8-902-272-06-95, 8-950-649-44-62.

We are also looking for those who wish to take the dog as a pet in case the ex-owners are not found.

We are through yet another mass sterilization of animals

On June 16, 2011 a pair of great vets, Julia Babkina and Anna Varava, were visiting us once again. 43 animals were sterilized/gelt in a single day! Can you imagine the amount of unnecessary, unclaimed posterity that will not be born?! Serilization will tell on your pet's health as well — in females it reduces the risk of developing cancer in genitals and mammary glands, as well as the risk of developing prostate and testicle cancer in males. Those are extremely bad diseases which can potentially lead to your mature pet's death. The next massive sterilization is scheduled in July. Anyone...

Cat with kittens left alone - temporary accomodation needed!

Next to bldg. 36 on Vatutin str. children found a cat and her three kittens. It was raining and the kids, together with the cat, took shelter in the bushes and called the Animal Rights Community. This is an emergency... There is no place we can take the cats to. Those of you who can give the cat and her breed at least a temporary haven, please give us a feedback. We'll provide the food and later sterilize and accomodate them all.

Dear friends! The number of animals is overwhelming! They all need your help!

This month the number of animals needing to be taken care of is just overwhelming! We have no more room to accomodate them all... But there are situations when we simply cannot refuse to accept an animal. We have admitted puppies from 2 broods, 3 adult dogs, 5 cats and countless kittens during this week alone.

We beg for help! We are in urgent need of:

  1. temporary accomodations for the animals!!! If you can take a puppy or kitten even for some time, then give us a call!
  2. any pet food, especially for kittens and puppies, also dry food for adult dogs, meat products, fish and...

Attention! Poodle Found at the Lenina-Beregovaya Crossing

Please take a close look at the photo: you may have seen this little dog along with the owners. This quite an elderly silvery poodle was found a few days ago on the Lenin street. We are looking for the owners or those wishing to provide this poor thing with quiet and well-to-do aging.

Call: 8-902-272-06-95, 8-950-649-44-62.

Attention! “I’m looking for you, master”

On Saturday, May 28, 2011, an action “I’m looking for you, master” will be held by the Pervouralsk Animal Rights Community next to the entrance to the town's clothing market. All those dying for a fluffy pet – either a cat or a dog – will have the chance to have one. All the animals have been antiparasitically treated, vaccinated and sterilized. Your passport will be required. We accept orders in advance. Delivery is possible. The action will be held from 11 a.m. to 14 a.m. The Community is in need of animal food and money to help homeless animals. We beg the citizens to support the...


Animals not found