Cat with injured paw found

A small cat with a severe paw injury was found on Yemlin street. She is just a little thing now, a touching creature and the sweetest of all. Little is known about what happened to the pussy-cat on the street... Now we have a rear paw with a large plot of stripped-off skin. For now Murliska is staying with our Nastya. The pussy-cat needs help with "Argosulfane" ointment, "Panthenol" spray and kitten food.

Call 8-902-272-06-95, 8-909-014-63-78.

Comments (2)

July 3 at 17:56, updated at July 6 at 03:40

Все у нас хорошо! Идем на поправку семимильными шагами

July 3 at 21:51, updated at July 6 at 03:40

какие вы молодцы !!!!!!!!!!