Kittens near trash containers

Yesterday's morning started off a sad call once again — at some trash containers there were 2 boxes: kittens in one of them, puppies in the other. Living «kids» were once again dumped as unnecessary junk. How, oh tell us how can one change this outrageous situation? How do some dare allow the birth of unwanted posterity, do nothing at the starting point and just throw away already grown-up and LIVING animals? We are tired of being responsible of the irresponsibility of other people. The temporary homes are overly full while the animals just keep coming. This is sad, very sad. And those babies are so nice. We are urgently looking for their temporary or permanent masters!!!

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June 22 at 21:05, updated at July 6 at 03:40

Как можно было выбросить таких малышей, даже не попытавшись найти им хозяев?! Не понимаю(((

June 23 at 10:47, updated at July 6 at 03:40

Чёрствые люди.. Спасибо обществу защиты животных, благодаря ему у котят появился шанс на нормальную жизнь.